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RE: no frame-relay adaptive-shaping posted 12/02/2007
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Depends, If the task IS ASKING OR NOT to do it..
if you have adaptive shaping becn enabled, when the frame-relay network experiences congestion it sends back to the router becn packets in one side and fecn packets at the other side.
So when the router recibes becn or fecn packets, and if it is configured to adapt for the congestion it reduces the configured cir value to the mincir value.

From: "Mohammad Tawfiq Dawod" <>
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When configuring frame-relay map-class like the below one; is it necessary
that I configure "no frame-relay adaptive-shaping".

The below example is from

map-class frame-relay fr-voip

frame-relay cir 800000

frame-relay bc 8000

frame-relay mincir 128000

frame-relay fragment 280

no frame-relay adaptive-shaping

frame-relay fair-queue*

-- Best Regards, Mohammad

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