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RE: game plan for CCIE LAB -Voice posted 11/26/2007
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Back July or August, I scheduled my lab for Feb '08.  At the time, I thought
it was a looooong way out.  Now I feel like that date is coming at me like a
freight train!

I wouldn't personally waste valuable study time sitting through a bootcamp
unless I could really absorb what was being churned out.  So if you're
pretty strong across the board, go for it.  But otherwise don't waste that
week or two.  Just get started and hope for one shot at the bootcamp and
likewise one shot at the lab!



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I got my Lab test scheduled for May 30, 2008 (holy cow that's a long ways

I'm looking at taking the IPExpert bootcamp and they also offer a
guarantee that if you don't pass you can retake OR take it again
before the test.  I'm thinking about taking the bootcamp now.......
study, study, study, then take the bootcamp again before the test.
Any thoughts?


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