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RE: CCIE 19366 posted 11/16/2007
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Well done and congrats !!

Joel AmaoCCIE#18128

> From: joe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> To: joe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> CC:
chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; Julian.Shih@xxxxxxxxxx;
vincent.wu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx; Julian.Shih@xxxxxxxxxx; John.Schmidt@xxxxxxxxxx;
alongi@xxxxxxxxxxxx; wyang@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx; rsoto@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx;
richardh@xxxxxxxxx; ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Subject: CCIE 19366> Date: Fri, 16
Nov 2007 06:55:19 -0500> > First I want to thank god for all he has given me.
> > > > Second I would like to thank Howard, Bobby (RTP), Tom and Tong (SJ)
the> proctors who work so hard to keep the lab running as smooth as it does.
You> are gentlemen, and even when I walked out with nothing and knew it, I
felt> honored to challenge your creation. > > > > Next I would like to Thank
Brian Dennis, Brian McGahan, Scott Morris and> Narbik Kocharians. It's one
thing to get your number and just sit in the> corner somewhere. It's a
crowning achievement to use it to help others share> your achievement. Your
participation here was a huge study motivation to me.> Narbik I touched your
name on the wall in RTP yesterday before I started and> I knew it was time.> >
> > Got to run, before somebody picks my security blueprint off the printer.>
> > > Thanks!> > > > Joseph L. Brunner> > CCIE #19366> >
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