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CCIE 19366 posted 11/16/2007
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First I want to thank god for all he has given me. 


Second I would like to thank Howard, Bobby (RTP), Tom and Tong (SJ) the
proctors who work so hard to keep the lab running as smooth as it does. You
are gentlemen, and even when I walked out with nothing and knew it, I felt
honored to challenge your creation. 


Next I would like to Thank Brian Dennis, Brian McGahan, Scott Morris and
Narbik Kocharians. It's one thing to get your number and just sit in the
corner somewhere. It's a crowning achievement to use it to help others share
your achievement. Your participation here was a huge study motivation to me.
Narbik I touched your name on the wall in RTP yesterday before I started and
I knew it was time.


Got to run, before somebody picks my security blueprint off the printer.




Joseph L. Brunner

CCIE #19366