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Thanks... posted 11/04/2007
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I made my way to Brussels for my first lab attempt (R&S) last Friday! 

My results came through the Saturday morning and I can only imagine it's the
norm but I was shaking profusely. Well upon seeing the words 'Certified'
along with some digits under my profile was nothing short of OMFG!!!!

It still is!! I think I checked a dozen times over the next 24 hours just to
make sure there hadn't been some kind of error and I'd mistakenly been
issued a number!

Well it's all still there now so I think I'm pretty safe!

I'm not the most active member on the list but I'd like to indulge in a few
thankyou's - so here's goes...

Thanks to my wife whom without I probably would have been diagnosed with a
severe case of malnutrition, and any number of mental disorders. Her support
and constant sanity checks were my lifeline to reality - not to mention her
feeding me at regular intervals when I'd forget to worry about trivial
things such as sustenance.

Thanks to my best mate Edo who has encouraged and inspired me all these
years. I still remember when we thought that getting our CCNA's would be the
coolest thing ever - let alone one day becoming CCIE's! I wouldn't be able
to type this now without your constant insight and advice over the years.

Thanks to my man Boris! It's an honour to have someone offer to name their
kid after you but please mate - seriously don't name your Kid after me -
it'll scar him for the rest of his life! ;))) Dude thanks for believing in
me and the belief is mutual!!

A quick thanks to all the friends and family. It's been so long since I've
seen any of you I've forgotten your names and even what you look like. No
doubt I'll be re-learning them again once my social life kicks in again.

Thanks to Christophe Fillot and Greg Anuzelli for their awesome dynamips and
dynagen software. Moving to a new country was hard enough without having to
think about setting up a lab etc and still be "mobile". Having a lab on the
PC made all the difference in being able to work abroad but still enjoy the
luxuries of a lab at your disposal.

I'll remain vendor agnostic here - but thanks to all the vendors in general
for doing what you guys do best!!! I know that many success stories would
have taken a lot longer to achieve without your valuable training products.
I know I'd still be at the professional level had it not been for the
excellent workbooks on the market.

Lastly - to all the GS members that make up my list of over 18,000 messages
since I joined the list. Whilst the technical know how of the many Guru's
has been invaluable, I personally got the most from reading other victory
dances - it was these that kept me inspired and made me work harder so I
could one day join in the party.

Thanks for reading...

Con Spathas
CCIE #19226