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RE: RSPAN question posted 10/28/2007
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Well you could try this:

Say R1 and R2 are on the VLAN you're monitoring and R3 is receiving the
(R)SPAN traffic.

R1 and R2 are say on subnet (.1 and .2 respectively).
Put R3 on some arbitrary network just so it has an IP address - say and enable 'debug ip packet detail'.

Then on either R1 or R2 try pinging the all broadcast address - you should see traffic hit R3.
It's not a sniffer but at least you should see some ICMP traffic on the


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Excellent many thanks.   I'll be more specific.  I know how to create a
remote span vlan and how to check I've created it.  Beyond this I can create
a monitor session on the switch with the correct source, destination and
filter parameters.  What I'm trying to do is perhaps run  a ping and debug
test to prove the traffic goes to the sniffer port. Can't seem to find the
best debug.

Thanks again

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show vlan

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Subject: RSPAN question

> Does anyone know a good verification tool for RSPAN?
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