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Re: Redistribution with route tags are KILLING ME!!!` posted 10/25/2007
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With the matter of which method is simpler, I personally agree with Scott in
this regard.

The simplicity does not lie in whether its only 2 digits or 5 digits. It
lies in the thought processes involved.

It's easier to remember to attach a tag of 120 to my RIP routes when
redistributing than to 'remember' that I'm on router 2, and so it should be

The simplicity lies in the naturalness. Of course naturalness is also a
relative thing tho. However, ADs of routing protocols have become a part of
us since CCNA days, and so it becomes 'easier' to tag with just ADs. The
bare tag value just comes involuntarily, not having to 'remember' to prepend
any other router digit.

Perhaps I would need practice more times to make the Router#+AD technique a
part of me without having to 'think' or 'remember' something in addition to
the AD.

The buttom line tho is that they both work, and they are all techniques
having been used by hundreds of CCIE candidates to pass the exam. Thanks to
you all for your contributions on this very thread.

By the way, I'm a die-hard fan of IE!

My 2 pesewas.

Felix Nkansah