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Re: OT - Speed Reading for CCIE candidates? posted 10/23/2007
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Thanks Marcus,

Much to the chagrin of the poor sap who changes the printer toner
around here I recently printed out relevant portions of the DOC CD
which came out to roughly 4,000 pages.

Anything that will help me through all the fluff while still retaining
key details will be helpful.

On 10/23/07, Marcus Lasarko <mlasarko@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Greetings Gregory,
> I have seen instances where speed reading programs do help in processing mass amounts of information, with "processing" being the keyword. One theory is that many people learn to read word-by-word, which limits their speed and offers the mind less raw data to process per Tc. I personally believe that speed reading is not enough as we can learn to read fast, but often limit ourselves on the back-end, resulting in less retention, which often necessitates review of materials if not having to completely re-read what you just flew through...
> What is my point? Learn to read in chunks. Think of jumbo frames, but also bump up your MTU on the processing end of your machine. If you can break the habit of reading word-by-word and read sentences, perhaps even paragraphs at a time then you can truly 'speed read' and retain the information at the same time.
> I will not name any programs in particular, but there are a few that claim to help with the bulk processing while providing eye/reading/movement exercises for your eyes themselves, jumping jacks for the eyes. Look for those programs with these qualities and you may be pleased as it could very well improve one's ability to successfully absorb and retain information!
> However, I would certainly not recommend speed reading through the "little things" no matter how fast you think you can read...
> Especially on GS and in the lab :)
> ~M
> >>> "Gregory Gombas" <ggombas@xxxxxxxxx> 10/23/2007 10:03 AM >>>
> Sorry if this is a little off topic.
> I was watching an infomercial for a speed reading course this morning
> and wondered if something like that would apply to technical reading
> as well?
> Its one thing to breeze through a fiction novel, but entirely
> different to breeze through an RFC and still be able to absorb and
> comprehend the material.
> Has anyone tried these courses?
> I mean if it could help me read even 25% faster it would greatly help
> my preparation.
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