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RE: OT - Speed Reading for CCIE candidates? posted 10/23/2007
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I don't believe that reading speed is the real issue but rather
understanding what you're reading 100%.  I also don't believe that the human
mind could possibly comprehend at the rate in which those classes "teach"
you to read since just one little word in the sentence could change the
entire meaning of the sentence.  In the type of work we do, we have to be
technically correct wheras for many others it's okay to just be close.

It would be interesting to see how well one of their students fares with
Odom's QoS book.  We could give him/her a test afterwards to see just how
much comprehension was really achieved.  Wanna be our guinea pig Gregory?


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Sorry if this is a little off topic.

I was watching an infomercial for a speed reading course this morning and
wondered if something like that would apply to technical reading as well?

Its one thing to breeze through a fiction novel, but entirely different to
breeze through an RFC and still be able to absorb and comprehend the

Has anyone tried these courses?

I mean if it could help me read even 25% faster it would greatly help my

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