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RE: Query : Network Types posted 10/22/2007
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As long as you have labbed those up and SEEN how things work, you'll have no
worry about the order or combination or anything.

There are 5 network types:

1.  broadcast
2.  non-broadcast
3.  point-to-point
4.  point-to-multipoint
5.  point-to-multipoint non-broadcast

If you are aware of the details of each, you'll be fine.  Mathematically,
there are 15 different combinations you can come up with.


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I just wanted to confirm that these are the following network types
regardless of layer 3 protocol

1. point to point - serial point to point links

2. broadcast - lan

3. NBMA (FR/ATM/etc)

A. Pure Point-to-Point Configuration (each VC on a separate subinterface)

B. Pure Multipoint Configuration (no subinterfaces) 

C. Hybrid Configuration (point-to-point and multipoint subinterfaces) 

I got this from a cisco link, is this the right order/fashion that i should
remember / is there a different perspective ?

Pls advice !

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