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Re: CCIE Lab Price Increase posted 10/20/2007
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Subject: Re: CCIE Lab Price Increase

Nfr: did you attempt the lab yet.

And what if I had attempted the lab? Would it change your mind? No, I don't think so. So why are you even asking the question?

I hate to tell you this: life is not fair,
get use to it.

I am well aware that life is not fair. But that doesn't mean that we should all just take it lying down. After all, if everybody had that defeatist attitude, then nothing would ever get better.

Let me put it to you guys this way. I freely admit that I can write all I want, and probably nothing will happen. But certainly if people say nothing at all, then DEFINITELY nothing will happen. At least I have a chance, however small.

You are winning, and no one cares. We are trying to study

Look, if you don't like my posts, if you don't think they're interesting, fair enough. Don't read them. You are perfectly free to put me on a spamblocker list if you wish if you don't want to even see my posts.

But let the people who do care about it continue to talk about it without getting hassled. Look, I don't care about most topics here on this list. For example, I don't really care about the recent 'Triple CCIE' thread. But if other people are interested in that thread and want to talk about it, I don't bother them about it, even if it did end up filling my inbox. I had a very simple solution. I just chose not to read those posts.