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Re: CCIE Lab Price Increase posted 10/20/2007
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Nfr: did you attempt the lab yet. I hate to tell you this: life is not fair,
get use to it. You are winning, and no one cares. We are trying to study

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Subject: Re: CCIE Lab Price Increase

> NRF,
> Let's be fair - whether a guy who really wants thinks
> he wants to be a CCIE pretty badly takes 20 shots at
> the lab or more than 3...
> He's paying for the seat.  Right?
> I mean he's working for the money or it is a benefit
> from working somewhere or whatever, he's paying the
> $1400.00 for the seat and a chance to spend 8 hours
> doing a taste test on whatever the meal of the day is.
> So if he's paying his money just the guy who may (or
> may not pass) on the first try.
> Is there really a point?

Sure, there's a HUGE point.  The 20-shot guy wanted it.  But so did a
first-time test-taker who wanted the same seat.  That's the point.  If
you've already had 20 shots to pass the exam, I think it is fair for you to
step aside to let somebody else who hadn't even had ONE shot to go ahead.
You can't just keep hogging the resources.  THAT'S the point.

The bottom line is that you're creating a problem for other people.  Other
people are being hindered from taking their shot at the exam because you (as
the 20-timer) are evidently not properly preparing yourself for the exam.
It's not fair to those people.

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