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multicast-helper map again!!!!!!!!!! posted 10/16/2007
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same scenario again

SOURCE------fa0/0---------R4---serial 0/0---------serial

on R4
interface FastEthernet0/0

 ip directed-broadcast
 ip multicast helper-map broadcast UDP-2000

ip access-list extended UDP-2000
 permit udp any any eq 2000

ip forward protocol udp 2000
on r4 ser0/0 i have ip pim sparse mode

on r2

ip pim sparse-mode
ip multicast helper-map 100 is the ip address on r2 fa0/0-------->i have a doubt here..shud
the address tht is put on helper-map in R2 ser0/0 be a broadcast of tht

int fa0/0
ip dire broadcast
ip fwd protocol
acces-list 100 per udp any any