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OT Re: CCIE Lab Price Increase posted 10/14/2007
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I think everyone should interview their job
candidates.  Simple.

No halo-effect.  Go get your CCIE on staff or hire
your Gold Partner's CCIE and interview properly in 
the first place. Simple.

That my friend would put a damper on people just
thinking a CCIE by itself is a lotto ticket.


As long as a Help Desk Person (or any person aka
unemployed) can spend a little time studying honestly
(or worse - Braindumping the Written and then
obtaining NDA violations - on GS or elseplace) and
then obtaining the current $1715.00 to take both

And go from $7-14.00 per hour (rates of some help desk
employees, or others) and go to...

$50,000.00-80,000.00 CCIE Sweatshop Rate and

$80,000.00 - $125,00.00 or more...

with all the perks...

In 30-90 days and pass on the first try (making
legitimate candidates look inept)...

Yep, Houston we have a problem.

You see the people who have time to conduct research
and obtain those items will always have an advantage
over the Network Engineer who is gainfully employed.

Now... I wish it were different but it is not.

I've read a lot of posts where people are passing the
lab really quickly, in a few months even, and making
it look easy.  

Meanwhile, many of us on this list and elsewhere, have
spent years prepping by buying books, labs, going to
classes, trying to find time just to practice and
still may take multiple attempts to pass the lab.

And let's face it, sometimes after we have studied,
despite those poor practice lab results, we somehow
think we might get lucky and just pass the lab... this

Kinda like an addicted gambler... playing a slot

So the lab attempts add up, why - cause we had a
little disposable cash and the clock is ticking.

But hey, if you are the person who can get the stuff
you need to just bang out the written and then bang
out the lab in just a few scant weeks and summarily
pass the lab on the first try.

I guess you ought to be making the top $$$ just for
having the guts to try to pull it off.

I also think, that these same tpyes of persona will be
using stuff like Dynamips soon and as such...

Could theoretically, pass the written/lab within say
30-60 days or so and never have even seen a router on
their first try even.

Now that's pitiful but with a Dynamips Lab, one can
load gear faster (virtual) and setup a scenario or
series of scenarios.

Would not matter if there were 10 labs per year in the
real lab or if there were 50 labs per track.

They would just create a config and type them over
again until it was done.

Brute force but hey... 

$14,000.00 per year versus $150.000.00 per year.

Who would blame them.  Never mind people in a third
word country where the situation is even more drastic.

I've heard rumors about Australia granting citizenship
based on the CCIE.  

I've met a man in the U.S. who immigrated from a
Mulsim Country to Germany and fromt there to Canada
and from Canada to the U.S. -> All based on advanced
certs including the CCIE.

So NRF, if people are not going to review a
candidate's resume and be willing to ask the hard
questions, these guys are going to be working as
CCIE's and maybe not for long, they may get fired from
time to time, but envetually, they will get better or
they will burn out.

But they are here now.  And good interviewing
techniques will weed them out, one by one.  If they
are blacklisted then...  it might help some.

I still recall the story of the CCIE who passed in
like 4 months...  He went to a trainig center in India
for like 4-6 weeks and then to the U.S. for like 3-5
weeks and maybe a few things in between.

He passed on like his 2nd try in about 4 months or so.

Did not waste his seat.  I think he is still unable to
get a job...  sad...  so much time and money gone


Pretty much true story.  There are lots more where
that one came from.

So expect that those seats are gonna be filled for a
long time.

Now, wanna change that?

There's a little sneaky way...

Next time everyone one on this lists gets a salary

Fill it out.  Yep.

Yep $10,000.00 per year annual salary.
No benefits
Boss yells at me and makes me clean latrines, since he
thinks that all the bits and bytes go down the tubes.
Expected to work 10-12 hours a day every day.
No vacation in 10 years.

Really sucks being a CCIE, but at least I have a job
an the bombs are not so bad at night.

It sounds extreme, but if we keep painting a rosy
picture, then...

The people who want roses for nothing will keep
hammering away at the petals.

Now it may take a couple of years...  tell people the
market is saturated.  Too many CCIE's and not enough


Whatever it takes...