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Frame-relay +CBWFQ problem posted 10/12/2007
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Hi all,

In ipexpert lab 12.
they ask us to make fragmentation for traffic going out from R4 towards R2,
in the answer they have map-class frame-relay which makes fragmentation on
R4 FR interface,
but they did not apply fragmentation on the other side, so it should not

I know ipexpert has a lot of mistakes, but here's the real question.

now in the last question they ask to limit with cbwfq some http video
which is being done with policy-map and map-class frame-relay.

here's config

class-map match-all WebVideo
 match protocol http mime "video/*"
policy-map LimitWebVideo
 class WebVideo
   police 64000
  set fr-de

interface Serial2/0
 encapsulation frame-relay
 no arp frame-relay
 frame-relay class do_not_shape   <<< --- so that it doesn't make all PVC-s
CIR 64k which it will just activating traffic-shaping
 frame-relay traffic-shaping   <<<---- so that fragmentation works
 no frame-relay inverse-arp
map-class frame-relay do_not_shape
 frame-relay cir 45000000
 frame-relay mincir 45000000
!   Here I set too big values, so that it never works.

map-class frame-relay WebVid
 service-policy output LimitWebVideo

after all this when I try to apply my class WebVid on the dlci I need It
comes up with following error:
I/f Serial2/0.1 DLCI 205 class WebVid requested bandwidth 64 (kbps),
available only 28 (kbps)

Can anyone please tell me what I'm doing wrong?