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Re: Master's degree in Security + CCIE Security posted 10/09/2007
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See, if I will start pursuing CCIE security, this means I will almost spend
around 16 months, this is because I want to study each and every thing that is

I did not say that I want to choose either academic security or CCIE
Security, I want to get them both.

The employer could differentiate between
an employee who has a CCIE and someone else who has Master degree + CCIE that
falls under the same category.

This will show how much passion this employee
has in that field, and could be easily elected to be a technical leader!
Doing a master means you will dig things more deep! and you are in the stage
of developing the protocols itself.


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Sent: Tuesday, October 9, 2007 8:46:46 PM
Subject: Re: Master's degree in Security + CCIE Security

Maybe things will
change later but right now Master's degree is worthless 
compared to CCIE

have a 4 year degree in mathmatics & no employeer ever asks about it - 
ask about my 3xCCIE


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October 09, 2007 4:52 AM
Subject: Master's degree in Security + CCIE Security
> Dear Group,
> I am looking for wise advice related to my career
> I
> am interested to pursue CCIE Security, but at the same time I
want to
> tie it
> up with academic master degree that falls under the same
> So which specilization I should pursue ? and which
university you advise 
> me to
> join ?
> The university should offer
distance learning classes.
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