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RE: Call manager server running very slow --- please help posted 10/09/2007
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I am using CCM 4.13 . yes all unnecessary services are disabled.

Yes I am using Vmware and assigned 1.5 GB to base machine and 1.5 to the
Virtual machine...for both the CCM and unity...

.. but still the servers are very slow and not very responsive.. the
pages take ages to change and refresh. 

Any ideas...

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From: Joseph Brunner [mailto:joe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: 09 October 2007 00:48
To: Irfan Siddiqui; ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: RE: Call manager server running very slow --- please help

What version of CCM are you running?
Did you disable any un-necessary windows services?

Did you enable VMWARE tools, etc?

Try and set all CCM services to disabled. Bring them up in order and
out what is slow.


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From: nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of
Irfan Siddiqui
Sent: Monday, October 08, 2007 5:27 PM
To: ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Call manager server running very slow --- please help

Hi guy

Wondering if someone can please help me...i have setup ccie voice lab as
per the IP Expert lab workbook but having problem that call manager and
unity servers are running very very slow.

The following are my servers details -

HP dl380, RAM 3Gb, for both call manager and unity

Please note i am also using VMware for Call manager and Unity for remote
access to the servers.

Please can someone advise how i can increase the speed of the servers
because i have to access these servers from home but its already very
slow in my office. Do i have to increase the memory or is there
something else which i am missing??

Thank in advance.


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