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BGP next hop self posted 10/04/2007
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 Hello GS
   Can explain the next hop self command in BGP?  Or  any links that has
a good explanation of the command?


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"only what you take with you"


Rack13R4(config)#access-list 101 permit ip any any precedence ?

  <0-7>           Precedence value

  critical        Match packets with critical precedence (5)

  flash           Match packets with flash precedence (3)

  flash-override  Match packets with flash override precedence (4)

  immediate       Match packets with immediate precedence (2)

  internet        Match packets with internetwork control precedence (6)

  network         Match packets with network control precedence (7)

  priority        Match packets with priority precedence (1)

  routine         Match packets with routine precedence (0)



While this works great to remember IP PREC number to name (for those
annoying wred configs) can anyone give me a similar helpful way to find
out the ethertype of IP, ARP, PVST+, etc. from either capture/deny of
traffic on a router/switch, etc.





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