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RE: Lab passed - First Attempt - At the age of 24 posted 10/03/2007
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Congratulations on your well deserved number.

I have been to Addis Ababa once. You have reminded me those days.


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Subject: Lab passed - First Attempt - At the age of 24

Dear All,

 I have been waiting for long time to write this email. I was a silent
member of the group except some of my few questions like 'time
management in the lab'. I have got my number - CCIE#18988 - passing the
R&S lab exam in Tokyo yesterday 2nd October 2007. I will be the first
CCIE to be counted for my country - Ethiopia - in Cisco's CCIE database.
Here is my journey to CCIE.

My background is electrical engineering. I became CCNA when I was
college student and I had been working as part time network
administrator of the university for two years until I graduated. After
graduation I haven't taken any of the CCNP exams for two years but I was
working as a network engineer for a private company and I was doing many
Cisco projects not only on routing and switching but also on voice and
security areas. That experience was very useful for me and I had to do
many readings to complete the projects I was assigned to do. And the
other advantage for a person like me was that I had to do many advanced
things without any senior person helping me. So my only option was
reading and I love reading.

Ok enough about my background. I took the written exam last October
After that I had to find a sponsor for my lab exam because, it was very
difficult to cover it by myself. My company director general accepts my
request immediately but the financial process took about 8 months. So my
study at that time was on and off. I have really started my lab
preparation at the beginning of July. For one month I revised all the
technologies using
IEWBv4.1 volume 1 and most of the recommended books like Jeff Doyle's
and the others. I was also using CBT Nuggets. I have been studying the
whole month full time. Then I went to Harith's 12 days bootcamp in UK.
It was really nice in clarifying the core part of the exam - IGP/BGP.
Then I came back home and continue my preparation for another month.
This time I installed the IE dynamips topology in my pc at home and
start IEWB for Dynamips. I have tried to do the first 10 labs but time
didn't allow me to finish the other 10 labs from IEWB4.1 volume 2. So I
have gone through the last 10 labs by just reading the question and
answering it in my mind and checking the solution if I am right. I have
also taken both of Cisco's Assessor Labs and one mock lab each from IE
and NMC. At that time I was good in technology readiness but I was not
good in time management. Then I went back to UK for Harith's another 5
days bootcamp. It was really helpful in making me completely prepared.
Then I went directly to Tokyo for the lab. I have finished exactly in
time. Since I was doing verifications in every of the questions, I was
not worried by not having extra time for checking.

Generally my lab preparation was three months full time. My company (I
can say Ethiopian Government since I am working for government agency)
was very cooperative in many things from covering all my expenses up to
giving two years annual leave without counting the 3 weeks of the

Now I should take a little break to celebrate Ethiopian Millennium that
I missed during study and then to another track - most probably SP. I am
thinking of getting married in the time of the little break. My fiance
was all the way with me in the CCIE journey.

Thanks and Best Regards,

Meried B. - CCIE#18988
Network Operations Senior Expert
National Data Center (PMO)
Mob. +251 91 1349519

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