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RE: Voice Lab training & rack rentals posted 10/01/2007
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The first I had ever heard of Avodaq was at Networkers this year, but other
than what's on the web, I have no other useful information about them.

As for the Ipexpert stuff, I can certainly say the product has been around
the longest and very well refined in that fashion.  The whole slew of
materials you need from eBooks to Audio or CoD bootcamps to regular ILT
bootcamps is available as well  as rack rentals.

You'll likely not find many (if any at all) independent rack rental places
for voice labs due to the increased expense and quantity of equipment


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Subject: Voice Lab training & rack rentals

Hi GS,

With out kicking off a vendor war , may I briefly seek some advise on the

1) Is any one heard/attended Avodaq Voice lab training ? Apparently they are
big in Europe , but I am not seeing much of their success ratio. On of my
friend is planning to go for their 10 day bootcamp in Singapore with in next
6 months and he is unsure about their track record & teaching method ?

2) Secondly , I gather that Brians are also kicking off their Voice Lab
training from Dec 2007 onwards. By looking at their solid & popular
performance on RS track , I am guessing their Voice workbooks & lab training
will be equally good & productive as well. But how about their voice racks
?? Will their RS rack rental suppliers such as Racktime rentals (apart from
their own racks) starts offering racks rentals as well ? But again they
voice workbooks are yet to be released , right ?

3) I guess IPExpert offering Voice Lab training since long time through Vik
& Mark and and I am sure they must be very good as well , by looking at
their success stories.

Since I am looking for an end to end & cost effective voice vendor training
from workbooks , 5 day or 10 day lab training , audio/VoD & rack
rentals.That way , I can stick with one mob till I realise my #####.

I really appreciate your input in this regard.



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