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RE: CCIE Assesor Lab posted 09/30/2007
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Like homophones?


Congrats again on the pass! 

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I took the Assessor labs in the last two weeks before my first
payment date, and decided to put my lab off for 1 month and review all
the technologies I was week on.  Then when I was 3 weeks before my exam I
took one NMC CheckIT lab each week.  I found this to be a good value for
my money (as opposed to a $1250 lunch).

Ryan Morris
CCIE #18953

On Sat, 29 Sep 2007 felixnkansah@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Hi,
> I am presently preparing to take my CCIE lab in December, this year.
> I am considering scheduling and testing myself with the Cisco CCIE
Assessor lab tool (when I am 2 weeks to go for the lab).
> I want to know whether any of you have used this tool before and whether
you found it useful.
> Regards,
> Felix
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Subscription information may be found at: