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RE: RIP is preferred over eBGP! posted 09/27/2007
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Check the prefix length and make sure the length is the same in both
protocols.  A more specific route will always prevail, regardless of how

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Sent: Wednesday, September 26, 2007 9:20 AM
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Subject: RIP is preferred over eBGP!

I'm seeing the following quirk in a production network:


Router A is directly connected to router B and is sending the same
routes via RIP and eBGP.
Router B is also redistributing the RIP routes into BGP (but filtered
from sending back to A)

When you look at the route table on RouterB, it shows the routes as RIP
You would think the eBGP learned routes would be preferred because of lower
But when I look at BGP table it shows the route originated locally and
thus preferred over eBGP learned route.
When I clear ip route the route is then shown as a eBGP route in the
routing table and BGP route table does not show the locally originated

Just wondering if anyone else has seen this...

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