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Re: why summary network LSA is in ospf database but it will not be installed in routing table?? posted 09/27/2007
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not every entry that is in the OSPF Database is installed in the Routing

The routing table is build from the best routes to Destination and that is
it noting more, if you have already this network in other better format then
this Summary LSA will be discarded.

Better format is Connected or longest prefix like /32 or other

On 9/27/07, sirus MOGHADASIAN <cyrus.mgh@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi GS,
> I have a Summary Network LSA in my database but it will not be installed
> in
> routing table.
> here is out put of database
>                Summary Net Link States (Area 125)
> LS age: 1823
> Options: (No TOS-capability, DC, Upward)
> LS Type: Summary Links(Network)
> Link State ID: (summary Network Number)
> Advertising Router:
> LS Seq Number: 80000012
> Checksum: 0x47AB
> Length: 28
> Network Mask: /24
>        TOS: 0  Metric: 1
> Cyrus
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Shiran Guez