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Re: Re : Default port-channel load-balance for 3550 ... posted 09/26/2007
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Go to the command reference... In the real-lab this kind of stuff will save
you lots of time.. 

port-channel load-balance

Use the port-channel load-balance global configuration command to set the
load-distribution method among the ports in the EtherChannel. Use the no
form of this command to return to the default setting.

port-channel load-balance {dst-mac | src-mac}

no port-channel load-balance
Syntax Description


Load distribution is based on the destination host MAC address. Packets to
the same destination are sent on the same port, but packets to different
destinations are sent on different ports in the channel.


Load distribution is based on the source MAC address. Packets from different
hosts use different ports in the channel, but packets from the same host use
the same port.


The default is src-mac.
Command Modes

Global configuration
Command History


This command was introduced.

Usage Guidelines

When src-mac is used, load distribution based on the source and destination
IP address is also enabled. For all IP traffic being routed, the switch
chooses a port for transmission based on the source and destination IP
address. Packets between two IP hosts always use the same port for packet
transmission, but packets between any other pair of hosts might use a
different transmission port.

This example shows how to set the load-distribution method to dst-mac:

Switch(config)# port-channel load-balance dst-mac

On 9/26/07 12:21 AM, "ccie1101" <ccie1101@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi,
>    I was going over the DOC CD and I could not find the default valud for
> port-channel load-balance for the 3550 .....  For the 3560 the default for
> the port-channel load-balance is
> src-mac.
> *     Can someone let me know what is default for port-channel load-balance
> on the 3550 ?*
> Many thanks,
> ccie1101.
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