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Re: STP and Routing questions posted 09/17/2007
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1. What about max age time? The minimum max age is 6 seconds.
Minimum forward delay is 4 seconds.

So 6+(4*2) = 14 seconds is the minimum, isn't it?

Someone please verify these numbers...

2. If you only have one point of redistribution you should not need
any loop avoidance mechanisms. If you have two or more points of
redistribution you may need tags or tweak administrative distance
depending on the scenario.


On 9/17/07, hadek.el-ayachi@xxxxxxx <hadek.el-ayachi@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>  Hi Experts,
> I have the following questions:
> 1- In a non root switch, make the startup time of ports in vlan 15 equal
> to 12 seconds? I asume tha answer is fwd-delay=6s
> 2- in a router runnning and redistributing between two protocols (single
> point of redistribution), do I need setting tags in order ro avoid loops
> and suboptimal routing?
> Thanks
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