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Re: Tough Achievement (CCIE # 18807) posted 09/16/2007
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Hi Guys,
This is to inform you that; Scott is not in a position to accept my
challenge since his boss (Wayne Lawson  President-IPExpert Inc. ) contacted
me & updated me that, he has not authorized to use his products (IPExpert) for
this challenge. Also he confirmed that, Scott is not a Multi-Millionaire. I
read little bit about Wayne & his activities. I found following URL from
Then I was
thinking to challenge him rather than challenging Scott since he has the CCIE
& he has the power to give us the free access. But he is a big shot & may be
busy gentlemen with his business. 
So guys, you will not be able to get free
access for IPExpert products. If this goes fine then I would have win it;
because I am a full-time Cisco Voice engineer. 
Darth, it may be better if
you write to Wayne rather than troubling Scott. Because Wayne may be the
correct gentlemen, who has the power to give a free copy of their SP WB.
Finally, I have to forget about the challenge & start my studies alone. I will
update you time to time with my Voice studies. But I guess there is a
different GS group for Voice. Lets check it outI hope, I can get my Voice
baby in less than four (4) attempts....

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Message ----
From: Joseph Brunner <joe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: peter morgan
<cciemaha@xxxxxxxxx>; smorris@xxxxxxxxxxxx; darth router
Cc: ccie784 <ccie784@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>;
Sent: Saturday, September 15, 2007 3:51:38 AM
RE: Tough Achievement (CCIE # 18807)


Scott probably actually a
multi-millionaire, given the lab that requires a
permit from his local power
plant to drain that much power... But he is not
the richest CCIE. That is Tom
Cruise, the actor, and number 3 ranking member
of Scientology. He is worth
approx $800M USD and he is a CCIE, or so I
heard... for real... I heard he
chose it as one of his challenges to reach

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From: nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of
Sent: Friday, September 14, 2007 8:07 PM
To: smorris@xxxxxxxxxxxx;
darth router
Cc: ccie784; ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Tough
Achievement (CCIE # 18807)

Hi Scott,

I know you are a multi millionaire &
one of Quadruple CCIEs. And I
am a small fish who has got the number in my
fourth attempt. Here is my
You dont have voice in your bunch of
sticks. I am starting voice
from today onwards.
If I get my Voice before you
get it then you have to give
free access to all of your products (IPExpert),
to ten (10) of our GS
If you get the Voice before I get it then I
will buy your Voice product
(Considering I am a poor guy & you are a

Do you accept my

If you accept it then both
us will get benefits by completing
Voice & hopefully ten (10) of our GS

Have a nice week end,

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From: Scott
Morris <smorris@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
peter morgan <cciemaha@xxxxxxxxx>; darth
router <darklordrouter@xxxxxxxxx>
ccie784 <ccie784@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>;
Sent: Friday,
September 14, 2007 4:01:14 PM
RE: Tough Achievement (CCIE # 18807)
Isn't there a special "because you hang
out with us" discount?  :)  There
monthly specials and different discounts
offered all the time, but as a
general rule the sales folks set those rules.
Remember, it can never hurt
ask for something like that.  The worst they
can do is laugh at you!  ;)

On a
side note, congratulations Peter!

Morris, CCIE4
(R&S/ISP-Dial/Security/Service Provider) #4713, JNCIE
CISSP, et al.
VP - Technical Training - IPexpert, Inc.
IPexpert Sr.
Technical Instructor

A Cisco Learning Partner - We Accept
Learning Credits!

Telephone: +1.810.326.1444 

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nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of
peter morgan
Sent: Friday, September 14, 2007 8:09 AM
To: darth router
Cc: ccie784;
Subject: Re: Tough Achievement (CCIE # 18807)

No Man!
It is a joke...

Brian, Scott think about to give free access or better
discounts to all of
GS members (including DR & me)  May be your gentlemen will
have close IE &
IPexpert becuase most of CCIE candidates are GS members.

think Brain already given it to me. So I may be out of selection...I am
waiting till IE voice products release....


Original Message ----
From: darth router <darklordrouter@xxxxxxxxx>
To: peter
Cc: ccie784 <ccie784@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>;
Sent: Friday, September 14, 2007 2:57:48 PM
Re: Tough Achievement (CCIE # 18807)


On 9/14/07, peter morgan
<cciemaha@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Thanks Darth!

You r a real naughty boy!

You r
always looking at the back
side of girls!

Brian, Scott don"t give him
anything free; because he is a
naughty boy (Not like me)!


Original Message ----
From: darth
router <darklordrouter@xxxxxxxxx>
ccie784 <ccie784@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx >
peter morgan <cciemaha@xxxxxxxxx>;
Sent: Friday,
September 14, 2007 2:16:39 PM
Re: Tough Achievement (CCIE # 18807)
Grats man on the CCIE man!

So all we
gotta do for free stuff is complain!
Brian, I could use some free stuff! I
will gladly complain!. Scott Morris,
could you please get on this bandwagon as
well? I would like your service
provider workbook! :)


On 9/14/07,
ccie784 <ccie784@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Congratulation !! Nice post. IE is
great vendor, no doubt!!

9/14/07, peter morgan <cciemaha@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I was able
to catch my fish in 10th September 2007. Got my
> number (18807) in my
4th attempt. I have never given up & keep on
> the
> exam. Here is my
small story. It is like a fairy tail.
> I
have passed my
> first R&S Written
in May 2004. Then it has expired after 18
months without 
> taking an attempt.
Then I got a free Cisco partner voucher
from my office
> &
> used it to get my
written back in Feb 2006. I was keeping
on study from
> there
> onwards & I
was able to take few months of continuous
leave from my office
> for
> the
exam. But I was not in confidence to sit for
the exam in 2006. I came
> to
another country for a new job. I got lots of
free time after I changed my 
> & then started to study in a schedule.
> Finally I have decided to
take & LAB
> attempt in April 2007. It was a
disaster for me. Also I was not
able reach
> the
> LAB location in the
time because the CAB driver was
not able to
> find
> the place & he
lost the
way. I lost around 50mins in my first attempt. I
> have
> taken
attempt in May 2007 thinking that I failed because of short
> of
For my 2nd attempt I have booked a
hotel very close (Walking
Distance) to
the LAB location. I went the LAB before 30mins earlier. But
> it
> was another
disaster. Then I realized that I
am lack of knowledge. Then I
> stared
to re-read many of books &
bought one of famous vendors work
Previously I have been using their
old work books which has download
> a
> free site. Then after few months
I went back to the LAB.
> My 3rd
> scheduled in Aug 2007. I booked
same hotel & went early to the
place. I 
> able to understand many of
questions & was able to answer
properly. But
> sucked in few occasions
because of my mistakes & taken time
to recover
> them. After the LAB I
got the same result (Failed).
Then I came
back &
> written down all of my
mistakes. I was able to identify
my main
> as
> the lack of hands on
practice & not the knowledge. So
I have
decided to 
> buy
> rack sessions from
IE & I have booked racks in
every day &
week ends
> double or
> triple rack
sessions. I have studied with
less number
of sleeping hours
> (4-5
> hours per
day). Also I got another
schedule for the
LAB on 10th September
> 2007.  So I
have studied very hardly
without even
taking proper sleep. I
> think
> your
guys can remember one of my
posts of  IE rack support issue 
> . I
was not able to find the
place to get
support at that time from IE. But
> & his great IE staff
guided me &
cleared my issue. Then next day morning I
> have realized that I
addressed the case not nicely &
apologize from
> Brian. Because I was in
different mind set when I was doing
my practice
> labs.
> Then Brian sent me &
email with telling that he has
decided to stop
> posting to
> GS because of
> threats of people like me.
I got really upset because I knew that there
> are
> many candidates in GS
like me who are expecting support from people
> Brian, Scott & other
senior CCIEs. So I begged him & apologize from him
> with
> many emails.
Finally he accepted my apology. By the time Brian asked
me to
> provide
details of the products which I have bought from IE.
> was
thinking to provide more support via his sales team.
Actually I
haven t
> any of products from IE & I was using one of my
friend s
old IE
> But
> anyway I was thinking to buy their COD
within few
because many people
> recommended it. Then I have sent few
which I am
> expecting
> to buy from IE, expecting a good
But in a
nice morning I checked
> my
> mail box & found an email
from Brian.
He has
given access to IE WB VOL I,
> II, VOL III, and
Technology COD
& also Online Boot Camp. Brian
> has
> gone ahead &
given me
the access to
> materials free of charge. Also he has doubled
my rack
sessions by his 
> sales
> team. Also he asked me that, if I want more
products then to update
him. I
> was
> not able to believe this & get upset
about what I have done by
> email
> to GS complaining their rack
support.  I told Brian that I
will do
> anything to
> recover the damage
I was trying to do by posting
it un-necessarily
> to GS
> (They have
great/quick support option in IE member
area named as ticketing
> system. I
was not aware about the option
previously. They provide support
> within few
minutes when you get an error).
But Brian just wanted to pass
> the
> exam
with his gift. He never expected
anything from me. I was really upset
> about
what was happened & thinking
about Brian s good heart. So, Brian
> requested
only my pass of exam. I have
decided to pass my exam anyhow in
> 10th
September 2007. I worked very
hardly & never slept some days. I used Brian
> s
> gift-rack sessions, COD
materials, etc .I
> have scheduled many racks
(Actually I have scheduled one
in the LAB day
> morning as well). So I was
doing my rack practice & study
> considering
> about any other thing.
I haven t called to my friends,
family members &
> forgot
> many my personal
life activities. But I went to
office in every week day
> as
> usual. When I
got a free time then I started
to listen to IE COD. Finally
> I
> got sick
because of the lack of sleep. I
got a dynamic toothache (Changing
> from one
place to another place day by
day) & a painful skin rash. I haven
> t
> gone
to meet a doctor (I have free
health insurance from company). I used
> detol
for the tooth ache & decided
to take medicine after the exam. I have 
> kept
on study forgetting about the
> The day was 9th September 2007, I
have traveled to Dubai. Stay in
the same hotel (Tulip Inn- Knowledge
> I have entered the hotel
11.00PM in the night. Slept till 5.00AM
in the
> next
> day (Lab Day) morning.
After a wash I I have practiced 30
minutes with my
> scheduled IE rack. Then I
walked to the Cisco Building; Went
to 3rd floor 
> as
> usual. I was the first
one came to the place. So three of
other candidates
> were there later. One of
Indian girl, also among the
candidates. Procter
> (Yosuf) called us to come in
to the LAB 5 minutes
earlier. He explained
> the
> next schedule. One
candidate came in to the  LAB
30 mins later because his
> driver taken him a
ride. I have started the LAB as
I planned earlier. Read 
> all
> the LAB book &
drawn few diagrams. It has
taken 30 mins for me. Suddenly I
> got
> something
like de-hydration in the
LAB & I drunken water in many times.
> Also
> went
toilet many times. (May be
side effects of my previous hard study).
> Procter
called for the lunch; I was
just in my schedule. So we had good
> lunch
with procter s advice. Yosuf
(Dubai Procter) is really nice gentlemen. 
> four of my attempts I
have seen him handling candidates nicely.
So, after
> the lunch I have
scored many points with fast typing. As I planned final
> hour
> used for the
testing. I used Brian s score sheet method. Based on Brian s
> score sheet my
score was 96. May be 100 because I have not revised my
> answers
> when I come
back. I knew that I have 16 marks buffer. 
> After the exam I went
> to
Dubai City centre & bought few items. I was stuck there in the long
> taxi
queue. Finally I was able catch my flight & came back. I have logged into 
> site & found that my number & pass. I
was not able sleep & next day went
> to
> office as usual. I sent my first
email to Brian but he has not replied
> yet.
> May be he has not received my
email or he has blocked me because of
> many
> emails sent by me.
> So
guys my advice is work hard & gets it
with your
> effort. Don t wait till your
number comes to you. Just work hard &
get it. 
> I
> have taken four attempts &
I got four different LABS. So it has
> repeated
> to me. So don t expect
it. Some people saying that it has
happened to
> them;
> but it may be very
rare case. One person asked same
question from Procter
> & he
> told that
there are many LABs. But sometimes
they may repeat.
> I can only
recommend IE materials & Racks because I
have passed with them & Brian s 
> hart. I have no words to thank Brian
& IE. Thanks a million tims
> Brian &
> IE.
> Believe me Brian is a
really good hatred man!!!!!!!!!! He
is a really
> sensitive person. Brian my
hat s off to you for nice preparing
material &
> support!
> Note: Guys, don
t post any un-necessary emails to GS
or Brian by
> following me to get free IE
products. I still feel bad about
what I have
> done
> even after  I got my
number. Actually I was in another
mentality &
> different
> world when I am
posting that complain to GS. ( I can
say that was not me
> that
> was my dark
side of the mind). Sorry guys!
Finally I must thank to GS;
> without GS I
will never get anything for this
> Thanks to all the GS
> members for
the being here. I learnt a lot
from your discussions.
> Bye for
> now,
> CCIE # 18807
> _______
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