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RE: Default Voice VLAN posted 09/15/2007
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This is an identified cosmetic bug, you can safetly ignore the error.
If you are still worried about this,  go ahead and sniff the traffic. Voice
packet would still be correctly marked with Dot1p .


Joel Amao
CCIE#18128> Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2007 18:53:42 -0700> From: dtandou@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Default Voice VLAN> To: ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> > Hello GS,> while
creating a default VLAN for non VoIP traffic i got this errors message. Can
someone explain why? With the errors message when i did show run the voice
VLAN showed up.> > Thanks,> > TM> > Rack1SW1#confi t> Enter configuration
commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.> Rack1SW1(config)#int fa0/22>
Rack1SW1(config-if)#mls qos trust cos > Rack1SW1(config-if)#switchport voice
vlan dot1p> % Voice VLAN does not exist. Creating vlan 0>
Rack1SW1(config-if)#> 00:53:48: %PM-2-VLAN_ADD: Failed to add VLAN 0 - VLAN
not found.> > show run > interface FastEthernet0/22> switchport mode dynamic
desirable> switchport voice vlan dot1p> mls qos trust cos> spanning-tree
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