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Re: Tough Achievement (CCIE # 18807) posted 09/14/2007
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I'm glad to see that you passed.  Congratulations!!!

Brian Dennis, CCIE4 #2210 (R&S/ISP-Dial/Security/SP)

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On Sep 14, 2007, at 1:33 AM, peter morgan wrote:

> Hi Guys,
> I was able to catch my fish in 10th September 2007. Got my green
> number (18807) in my 4th attempt. I have never given up & keep on
> doing the
> exam. Here is my small story. It is like a fairy tail.
> I have passed my
> first R&S Written in May 2004. Then it has expired after 18 months
> without
> taking an attempt. Then I got a free Cisco partner voucher from my
> office &
> used it to get my written back in Feb 2006. I was keeping on study
> from there
> onwards & I was able to take few months of continuous leave from my
> office for
> the exam. But I was not in confidence to sit for the exam in 2006.
> I came to
> another country for a new job. I got lots of free time after I
> changed my job
> & then started to study in a schedule.
> Finally I have decided to take & LAB
> attempt in April 2007. It was a disaster for me. Also I was not
> able reach the
> LAB location in the correct time because the CAB driver was not
> able to find
> the place & he lost the way. I lost around 50mins in my first
> attempt. I have
> taken another attempt in May 2007 thinking that I failed because of
> short of
> time.
> For my 2nd attempt I have booked a hotel very close (Walking
> Distance) to the LAB location. I went the LAB before 30mins
> earlier. But it
> was another disaster. Then I realized that I am lack of knowledge.
> Then I have
> stared to re-read many of books & bought one of famous vendors work
> book.
> Previously I have been using their old work books which has
> download from a
> free site. Then after few months I went back to the LAB.
> My 3rd attempt
> scheduled in Aug 2007. I booked same hotel & went early to the
> place. I was
> able to understand many of questions & was able to answer properly.
> But I
> sucked in few occasions because of my mistakes & taken time to
> recover from
> them. After the LAB I got the same result (Failed).
> Then I came back &
> written down all of my mistakes. I was able to identify my main
> weakness as
> the lack of hands on practice & not the knowledge. So I have
> decided to buy
> rack sessions from IE & I have booked racks in every day & week
> ends double or
> triple rack sessions. I have studied with less number of sleeping
> hours (4-5
> hours per day). Also I got another schedule for the LAB on 10th
> September
> 2007.  So I have studied very hardly without even taking proper
> sleep. I think
> your guys can remember one of my previous posts of IE rack support
> issue. I
> was not able to find the place to get support at that time from IE.
> But Brian
> & his great IE staff guided me & cleared my issue. Then next day
> morning I
> have realized that I have addressed the case not nicely & apologize
> from
> Brian. Because I was in different mind set when I was doing my
> practice labs.
> Then Brian sent me & email with telling that he has decided to stop
> posting to
> GS because of the
>  threats of people like me. I got really upset because I knew that
> there are
> many candidates in GS like me who are expecting support from people
> like
> Brian, Scott & other senior CCIEs. So I begged him & apologize from
> him with
> many emails. Finally he accepted my apology. By the time Brian
> asked me to
> provide details of the products which I have bought from IE.
> Because he was
> thinking to provide more support via his sales team. Actually I
> havent bought
> any of products from IE & I was using one of my friends old IE
> materials. But
> anyway I was thinking to buy their COD within few days because many
> people
> recommended it. Then I have sent few package selections which I am
> expecting
> to buy from IE, expecting a good discount. But in a nice morning I
> checked my
> mail box & found an email from Brian. He has given access to IE WB
> II, VOL III, and Advanced Technology COD & also Online Boot Camp.
> Brian has
> gone ahead & given me the access to above
>  materials free of charge. Also he has doubled my rack sessions by
> his sales
> team. Also he asked me that, if I want more products then to update
> him. I was
> not able to believe this & get upset about what I have done by
> sending email
> to GS complaining their rack support.  I told Brian that I will do
> anything to
> recover the damage which I was trying to do by posting it un-
> necessarily to GS
> (They have great/quick support option in IE member area named as
> ticketing
> system. I was not aware about the option previously. They provide
> support
> within few minutes when you get an error). But Brian just wanted to
> pass the
> exam with his gift. He never expected anything from me. I was
> really upset
> about what was happened & thinking about Brians good heart. So, Brian
> requested only my pass of exam. I have decided to pass my exam
> anyhow in 10th
> September 2007. I worked very hardly & never slept some days. I
> used Brians
> gift-rack sessions, COD materials, etc.I
>  have scheduled many racks (Actually I have scheduled one in the
> LAB day
> morning as well). So I was doing my rack practice & study without
> considering
> about any other thing. I havent called to my friends, family
> members & forgot
> many my personal life activities. But I went to office in every
> week day as
> usual. When I got a free time then I started to listen to IE COD.
> Finally I
> got sick because of the lack of sleep. I got a dynamic toothache
> (Changing
> from one place to another place day by day) & a painful skin rash.
> I havent
> gone to meet a doctor (I have free health insurance from company).
> I used
> detol for the tooth ache & decided to take medicine after the exam.
> I have
> kept on study forgetting about the pain.
> The day was 9th September 2007, I
> have traveled to Dubai. Stay in the same hotel (Tulip Inn-
> Knowledge Village).
> I have entered the hotel 11.00PM in the night. Slept till 5.00AM in
> the next
> day (Lab Day) morning. After a wash I I have practiced 30 minutes
> with my
> scheduled IE rack. Then I walked to the Cisco Building; Went to 3rd
> floor as
> usual. I was the first one came to the place. So three of other
> candidates
> were there later. One of Indian girl, also among the candidates.
> Procter
> (Yosuf) called us to come in to the LAB 5 minutes earlier. He
> explained the
> next schedule. One candidate came in to the  LAB 30 mins later
> because his
> driver taken him a ride. I have started the LAB as I planned
> earlier. Read all
> the LAB book & drawn few diagrams. It has taken 30 mins for me.
> Suddenly I got
> something like de-hydration in the LAB & I drunken water in many
> times. Also
> went toilet many times. (May be side effects of my previous hard
> study).
> Procter called for the lunch; I was just in my schedule. So we had
> good lunch
> with procters advice. Yosuf (Dubai Procter) is really nice
> gentlemen. Because
> four of my attempts I have seen him handling candidates nicely.
> So, after
> the lunch I have scored many points with fast typing. As I planned
> final hour
> used for the testing. I used Brians score sheet method. Based on
> Brians
> score sheet my score was 96. May be 100 because I have not revised
> my answers
> when I come back. I knew that I have 16 marks buffer.
> After the exam I went
> to Dubai City centre & bought few items. I was stuck there in the
> long taxi
> queue. Finally I was able catch my flight & came back. I have
> logged into the
> site & found that my number & pass. I was not able sleep & next day
> went to
> office as usual. I sent my first email to Brian but he has not
> replied yet.
> May be he has not received my email or he has blocked me because of
> so many
> emails sent by me.
> So guys my advice is work hard & gets it with your
> effort. Dont wait till your number comes to you. Just work hard &
> get it. I
> have taken four attempts & I got four different LABS. So it has not
> repeated
> to me. So dont expect it. Some people saying that it has happened
> to them;
> but it may be very rare case. One person asked same question from
> Procter & he
> told that there are many LABs. But sometimes they may repeat.
> I can only
> recommend IE materials & Racks because I have passed with them &
> Brians good
> hart. I have no words to thank Brian & IE. Thanks a million
> Brian &
> IE.
> Believe me Brian is a really good hatred man!!!!!!!!!! He is a really
> sensitive person. Brian my hats off to you for nice preparing
> material &
> support!
> Note: Guys, dont post any un-necessary emails to GS or Brian by
> following me to get free IE products. I still feel bad about what I
> have done
> even after  I got my number. Actually I was in another mentality &
> different
> world when I am posting that complain to GS. ( I can say that was
> not me that
> was my dark side of the mind). Sorry guys!
> Finally I must thank to GS;
> without GS I will never get anything for this year.
> Thanks to all the GS
> members for the being here. I learnt a lot from your discussions.
> Bye for
> now,
> PM
> CCIE # 18807
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