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Re: Stopping a default propagation posted 09/12/2007
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Hi Guys
Yes it works that way. I was trying a distribute list out in R2. Silly
me. Should have known better!!!!
Actually my original scenario is as below. I was trying to achieve
fault tolerent routing in R3 & R5.
Two new routers R4 & R5 are there seperated by a L2 switch. Switch to
switch is a trunk.
Area 1 is still a Totally stub area.
Conditions are;
(1) R3 is the HSRP active for ethernet segment vlans
(2) Incase of a link failure bet. R2-L2SW the traffic should be routed
R3->L2SW1->L2SW2->R4->R2->R1. The return path should be the reverse.
No asymetrical routing is allowed.
(3) If R1-R2 link is down traffic should be rerouted via
R3->L2SW1->R2->R4->R1. Return path should be the reverse. Again no
asymetric routing.
(4) R1 is the ABR.

The question is if (2) or (3) happens the return path does not follow
the same outgoing path. How do i achieve that? Any thoughts

                  ========(area 1)R4(area 1)==L2SW2==(area 1)R5-Vlans
                  ||                          ||                    ||
 ==(Area 0)R1(area  1)==(area 1)R2(area 1)==L2SW1==(area 1)R3-vlans

On 9/12/07, Champika G <693455@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Dear All
> I have a situation where i want to stop the default route from
> propagating down to R3.
> R1 is the ABR and area 1 is a totally stub. R1 (ABR) injects a default
> to Area 1 and this default i can see in R3 as well.
> I want to stop R3 recieveing this default. ANy ideas how this can be
> done. I tried several methods but they did not work.
> ==(Area 0)R1(area 1)==(area 1)R2(area 1)==(area 1)R3
> Regards
> Champ