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Re: Stopping a default propagation posted 09/12/2007
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Hi Champika,

Can you try the following config:

router ospf 1
 area 1 stub
 network ... area 1
 distribute-list 1 in
access-list 1 deny
access-list 1 permit any

The O*IA will disappear from the routing table. But the net LSA will still be in the LSDB.

Thank you.

Lim TS

On 9/12/07, Champika G <693455@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Dear All
> I have a situation where i want to stop the default route from
> propagating down to R3.
> R1 is the ABR and area 1 is a totally stub. R1 (ABR) injects a default
> to Area 1 and this default i can see in R3 as well.
> I want to stop R3 recieveing this default. ANy ideas how this can be
> done. I tried several methods but they did not work.
> ==(Area 0)R1(area 1)==(area 1)R2(area 1)==(area 1)R3
> Regards
> Champ
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