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RE: BGP Router-id posted 09/09/2007
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While it should be obvious that you need to have an interface up and going
to run BGP anyway...  But more importantly, in case you're a nuveau adopter
of IPv6, you need to have either an IPv4 interface up and running or
manually specify a router id.  Routing protocols right now are using 32-bit
router-id values which correspond nicely to IPv4, but not to IPv6!

So do "show ip interface brief" and see what's up and running.


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I cannot think of  a logical reason for the error below, never encountered
it before and bgp running fine without hardcoding a router-id, now its
asking for it.
Any ideas?


R5#sh ip bgp summ
R5#sh ip bgp summary
% BGP cannot run because the router-id is not configured

*Mar  1 01:34:37.295: %BGP-4-NORTRID: BGP could not pick a router-id. Please
configure manually.

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