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Re: OT: Dynamips crashes when... posted 08/29/2007
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Hi All,

Thanks all for your help.

I have created separate Dynamips instances for each of the routers and now I
can at least start all the devices in the topology. CPU still reaches 100%
when the backbone routers (BB1,BB2,BB3) are started. Otherwise I am able to
succesfully complete Lab 10 from the workbook in full.

I am considering changing my OS but I need to find time to do so since my
lab is in one month time. Anyways I will let you know the difference as soon
as I try Linux (may be Redhat for the moment).

Thanks and Best Regards,

On 8/27/07, Scott Vermillion <scott_ccie_list@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The Hacki forum site has been down a lot lately.  Make sure you have read
> and fully understood the memory management section here:
>  You'll want to look at sparsemem = true
> and ghostios = true.  Even then, you're likely to need to run at least
> two instances of Dynamips.  I can tell you that on my Dell XPS w/ 2 GHz
> (non Duo) Proc and 2 GB RAM, I could never run more than about half a
> dozen routers without starting to see adjacencies drop, etc (you can get
> more than six router instances going, but once you start redistributing
> routing protocols and the like, trouble begins to brew).  I recently
> followed Brian Dennis's advice to purchase a Mac Mini as a Dynamips
> server and it's hard to believe how much more you can do on a non-Windows
> platform with equal hardware.  If this box is nothing but a dedicated
> Dynamips server for you, I would definitely look into changing your OS,
> as advised by others...
> -------- Original Message --------
> Subject: OT: Dynamips crashes when...
> From: "Meried Bekele" <meriedbekele@xxxxxxxxx>
> Date: Mon, August 27, 2007 4:50 am
> To: ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Dear All,
> Sorry for the OT, I couldn't access Dynamips/Dynagen forum site (
> today.
> I am running Dynamips/Dynagen on a Dell pc with Intel Core 2 Duo
> 1.8GHZprocessor with 2GB RAM. I am using the new IE's workbook for
> Dynamips with
> their initial config and topology. I have applied idlepc value for
> all of
> the routers in the topology (14 routers). In the middle of
> configuration,
> the CPU reaches 100% and one of the two dynamips instances crashes
> and I
> will have to start all over again. This mostly happens when I do
> tasks like
> IGP redistribution, bgp sesssion peering or etherchannel. So I
> couldn't
> finish even one full lab.
> Please help!
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Meried B.
Network Operations Senior Expert
National Data Center (PMO)
Mob. +251 91 1349519