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RE: Preferred workbooks ??? posted 08/27/2007
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I think the workbook preference is a personal thing. If you practice IP
Expert over a period of time, and if it is your first experience and if you
are introduced to a new WB, you would think that the first one is a better
tan the latter one.

No one WB alone can take you to the place you want to. These workbooks are
only a guide. The workbooks are only guides towards achieving big goal. But
doesn't actually cover 100% of topics. For example, IE do not have lot of
QoS, redistribution scenarios. The IP Expert's approach is different so as

I am actually practicing IE and NMC. I have no intention to do the labs from
IP Expert, but I will go through the scenarios and proctor guide, so that I
can get their view as well. It's not because their WB is not good, it's my
personal preference.

In my opinion no book is a complete guide for all topics you might encounter
in your actual lab. (I haven't attempted my first lab yet!)

If you stick to the one you are comfortable with and for variety you can go
through another one. IE and NMC happened to my choice, because I was
introduced to these two first.

My 2 cents,

Good luck with your studies,

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Hi Experts

I have my Lab Attempt scheduled in  November , I am almost done with
IPEXPERT V9, I wanted  to know which workbooks are considered best,  as I
have  got different reviews from people around me

1. Internetwork Expert
2. IP Expert
3. CCIE Cert

Any insight on that will be appreciated


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