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ethernet interface backed by serial interface IEWB-v2 vol2 lab 10 task 3.2 posted 08/25/2007
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but if u refer to IEWB-v2 vol2 lab 10 task 3.2 that is what it does...i just
want to understand how did he come to that solution

On 8/26/07, Radioactive Frog <pbhatkoti@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> you've point 2 multipoint topology and you are talking about backup!
> R1=============r1
> if you hve 2 circuit (1 leased line and 1 ISDN as a backup), you can think
> of doing backup stuffs.
> You have 3 sites and thinking to do the backup? not possible..
> hth
> frog