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RE: RE: IE rack posted 08/24/2007
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All together the racks are a solid investment, and have paid off handsomely.
I'd say 21/22 times, it has been perfect, and I often get the S3&S4 timeslot
to save $15.00. So for $45 its nice to see how I do. I honesty grade my own
labs, and I have been doing much better than I did under the crunch for

So as a recent customer, thank you!

(I'll be doing about 4 more 8 hour sessions over the next 9 days). Then its
time to get to SJ and try and steal 80 points from the proctors.


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From: Brian Dennis [mailto:bdennis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Friday, August 24, 2007 2:55 AM
To: Joseph Brunner; 'peter morgan'; ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: OT: RE: IE rack

You would actually be amazed at the number of people that accidentally
create major spanning-tree loops in their racks ;-)  You can have strange
problems (i.e. OSPF or BGP neighbors dropping) when 80-90 megs of traffic
is looping around. I had a student in a mock lab workshop who said he
didn't know how to solve the problem so I told him that he should at least
"rate limit" the looping traffic until he solves the problem.

Brian Dennis, CCIE4 #2210 (R&S/ISP-Dial/Security/SP)

Internetwork Expert, Inc.
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>----- Original Message -----
Subject: RE: IE rack support issue
Date: Thu, August 23, 2007 22:39
From: "Joseph Brunner" <joe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Peter,
> I understand your pain. The first time I attempted the lab, I was under
> gun to get some study time in. The very first time I rented racks from
> there was some sort of hardware problem with the switches. I was seeing
> 70mbps+ on some ports despite clear configs, and nothing I could do would
> make them responsive (it was obviously some kind of loop, etc.).
> There was also a problem with a bad wic (which they did swap out).
> You will actually one day enjoy these problems. I heard someone's story of
> passing on their FIRST ATTEMPT in SJ despite there being major problems
> the frame relay switch, and one proctor being a jerk about even looking at
> it. Once proctor #2 stepped in, acknowledged the issue and fixed it he
> turned around banged out 80+ points and left with his number.
> Have you ever seen the NAVY SEAL buds training on discovery channel where
> they pvc-flex-cuff tie their hands behind their back and they have to
> water?
> I tried this with a t-shirt, and believe me IT'S HARD AS HELL. Your legs
> abs burn to hell in a minute, and you're spending EVERY SINGLE OUNCE OF
> energy and panic trying to not let your HEAD go under. You need to learn
> to react when something goes wrong, and BELIEVE ME IT WILL. If you never
> have faced a problem of UNSURMOUNTABLE difficulty with your labs, the
> relay switch, or whatnot, you are NOT READY.
> Why can I say this?
> Nothing is perfect. Most everything is almost NEVER PERFECT. You will face
> one issue on your day, whether is a proctor that won't give you the time
> day, or a broken component, or a cryptic task you HAVE NEVER EVEN imagined
> before.
> Learn to adapt, improvise, Darwin, I-Ching, whatever roll with it! If you
> can't fire under pressure and get points on a task, your D.O.A.
> Send me the $1,250 and I'll send you .jpg's of my 3 lady vodka party
> -Joe
> -----Original Message-----
> From: nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of
> peter morgan
> Sent: Friday, August 24, 2007 12:46 AM
> To: ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: IE rack support issue
> Dear Brian,
>  Cureently I am using IE racks &amp; I have already face serveral
> issues last two weeks. I am really upset with your rack service at the
> memoment.
> Last weekend I lost one of rack sessions becuase of a rack
> authentication issue. But they have applogized &amp; given me gift
voucher for
> new
> rack session. Also One &amp; half week back they cancelled one my booked
> sessions
> &amp; given me a giftvoucher for the same amount. Recently I have booked
> rack
> sessions(20+ rack sessions) for my practice. In addion to that I have
> purchased four or five more rack sessions later. I have recived all the
> confirmation emails from IE &amp; Paypal. But I have not recived
> email from IE for one rack sessions(May be an error of IE's system). But I
> have recived all the confirmation emails from paypal.
> Today night I was in
> triple track session. Suddenly rack has rebooted. Afterthat I have
logged in
> to my yahoo account &amp; found following email.
> -
> -----------------
> Dear Customer, In regards to your recent orders, we have not
> received a PayPal confirmation of payment yet. If you have not submitted
> payment to sales@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on PayPal, please do so now to
> complete the order. If you have already submitted payment; please send us
> copy of the confirmation email.
> Your rack sessions have all been suspended
> until we receive payment.
> If you believe this message was received in error,
> or you have any other questions, please respond to this email.
> Sincerely,
> Internetwork Expert Sales Team
> sales@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> -
> ----------------
> Thay have not sent me any prior notice. Above is the only
> emails received few hours ago. Also they are not mentioning about Order
> which are having problems. They just disabled my all the rack sessions
> sending an email.
> Then I have emailed my paypal recipts to them &amp; called
> +1.775.826.4344 x1
> Reception has no option to assist me. This is the third
> time I have been facing issues with IE racks for last two weeks.
> Now I have to
> wait till they get back to me tommorow or what ever the date they prefer
> reply.
> Brian, Please provide us better service beucase we like your guys &amp;
> we are with IE becuase of both your guys doing great job. But please
> these matters with your management &amp; solve them for us.
> Guys I am loosing my
> valuble practice time becuase of these type of careless work. At least
> have to send the email one day prior before disabling my all the rack
> times(around 25 rack sessions).
> I am really upset  at the momemnt becase I
> have to wait till tommorow moning to get support.
> Rdgs,
> PM
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