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RE: Syslogging question posted 08/22/2007
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Ooops I see what you mean... the documentation says 0 is above 7.

So 0-3 would be "above" 4. 

This should help you out...

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pankaj ahuja
Sent: Wednesday, August 22, 2007 4:12 PM
To: CCIE Groupstudy; Cisco certification
Subject: Syslogging question

 Hello Everyone,

I have a very simple question, unfortunately I'm not able to test it out

I want a syslog server to log keep all the logs from a couple of dozen
Routers. I want that the Router should be able to save the syslog messages
of severity "error" locally and at the same time be able to send all
messages of severity "warning" and above to the syslog server. i have the
following configuration:

logging trap warnings
logging facility local1
logging A.B.C.D
logging buffered errors
logging on

Please let me know if the config suggested above do the job, if not how can
i do this.


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