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RE: 167.1.45.Y/32 for PPP Serial Interface posted 08/20/2007
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Is your question can you only put the /32 on the ppp interface?


Well the answer is no! that is how I solved this task.


Q. On what type of interface can you even configure a /32 mask?


R4(config-if)# ip address

Bad mask /32 for address







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Thanks Joe.  I am still not fully understand it....Would it work if the /32
ip address is configured on the interface itself?  I remember one lab that I
had to configure duplicate IP and it worked...I never understand the logic
behind it. 

Do you have a internet resource that I can read?


On 8/20/07, Joseph Brunner < <mailto:joe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
joe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

By default in PPP a /32 "peer" neighbor route is created... this task takes 
that into account. Just by PPP LCP bringing up NCP for IP, they will learn
of each others address, which is actually configured on the Loopback.

Got it?

CCNA #CSCO6536263

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To: Cisco certification
Subject: 167.1.45.Y/32 for PPP Serial Interface

Hello all,
Here's how the question goes:-

Configure R4 and R5 serial int using and  Ensure that R4 and R5 can ping each
other's interface. The
creattion of addtional interfaces is permitted.

The solution creates additional Lo45 interface and use IP unnumbered lo45 on

the PPP s0/1 interface.

Can someone point me to some link or explain to me the logic behind this?


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