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RE: Virtual CCIE's? posted 08/20/2007
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Whoa, wait a minute Keanu, there is a spoon!

The spoon is the real world application to that intelligence that either
learned with dynamips or a CSR-1 running IOS-XR is real and serious...

There will not be an "ARMY" of paper soldiers carrying the CCIE olive branch
logo on their uniforms. The brain power required to "spot the issues" and
"verify your tasks" is light years beyond the MCSE TESKING certification.

Have you researched the MCA? Even Microsoft has realized the MCSE's worth,
and has now created a real certification worthy of a professional. I tell my
CCNA students that if they have an MCSE, it was a walk in the park... 

Think you can get into Wharton UPENN today? Think I can? My brother's friend
is going there free, that's right, gratis. He failed his CCNA! He got nearly
a perfect SAT score, 5 on all his AP exams. Finished college level Calculus
in 10th grade, etc. He was not even the valedictorian at the school. That
kid is going to Princeton. He also failed his CCNA! Cisco is given in high
schools now, it seems ;( (I did and love woodshop!)

Cisco requires you change your mind, your thinking skills, your problem
solving at many levels. You memory, reactions to stress, and time will all
be challenged. Your seemingly invincible logic will be reversed. Think you
can route IPV6, develop qos policies, configure multicast, and BGP? Think
you can do it in a room for 8 hours with a clock, fatigue, and a dozen
people, and freezing cold air conditioning racing against you, breaking you

Comparing the MCSE to the CCIE is like comparing a boy scout who climbed
Bear mountain to a Sherpa who RAN up Everest in 17 hours with no oxygen
(google it). Why do you think with 100,000s of network engineers in the
world engineers there are less than 15,000 CCIE's??? You must commit to
being the best long enough to get there. That is a challenge in many fields
most can't and will not do.


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I was checking out Dynamips and its pretty cool and all, but it does
worry me a little bit....

How will employers view the CCIE certification after they've been
burned by hiring a CCIE who has never touched a real router in their

Do you like the idea of a pilot flying your plane whose only training
was with a virtual flight simulator?

I remember the days when the MCSE was a hot cert until an army of
paper CCIE's hit the job market.

Maybe they won't call it a paper CCIE, maybe they'll coin a new term
like virtual CCIE.

Just food for thought...

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