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Merging BB1 configuration with FR and BB's connectivity to the network (IEV4) posted 08/17/2007
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I am attempting to merge BB1 configuration with FRSW on a 2511 to no avail.


BB1 is using serial 0 to the FRSwitch and it seem to be always only
connected to R6 via multiple DLCI's. is this correct?


I am fully confused and unable to reconcile the connections between BB1 and
BB3 either. Are they connected via Serial as per or are they
connected via Ethernet? All the labs show no serial connection though as far
as my skimming the 30 labs of VolII and VOLIII.


If they are how would all the other labs are actually showing them as being


Can anyone share own FR configuration with BB1 merged on it on a 2511 . and
the potential issues if any.


Thanks & regards,