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Re: Why Can't I pass the first time posted 08/09/2007
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great attitude.  just what we need to hear, someone who is going in there
to crush it.
 good luck.

> Herbert
>  From where I stand, there are two main difficulties with the lab exam:
> 1. Scheduling it
> 2. Faith
> As such, I am going to completely devastate the R&S lab on my first
> attempt this Wednesday, and I'm travelling from New Zealand to Beijing
> to do so.
> Mark
> Herbert Maosa wrote:
>> I have my lab scheduled for August 23, that is, in the next 15 days. I
>> almost feel defeated already, even though I can not identify many
>> technical
>> shortfalls with my knowledge and experience. I feel defeated because I
>> have
>> been made to believe NOT to expect to pass on the first attempt. Indeed
>> I
>> know many personal friends who I considered technical gurus, but had to
>> do
>> the exam at least twice.
>> Now my question is this : Is it realistic to expect to pass on the first
>> attempt ? Or should I really walk in with my white towel already in the
>> air
>> ?
>> regardless, 23 August it is, San Jose.
>> Herbert.
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