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Re: Why Can't I pass the first time posted 08/08/2007
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Herb -

Trust me CCIE is like any other exam on this earth. What makes the difference in passing on the first,2nd or 3rd attempt is how much foucused you were when you took the lab. Every body can be good at technical stuff, but u should also be a good planner. Your first 4 hrs in the lab will be crucial caus routing and switching portion is the heart of the exam, if you 'll knock those down, u'll be happy by the lunch time. And I think if even ur doing good or bad in the lab, eating lunch or not eating lunch doesnt makes a difference. A candy bar is good enough to pass the lab.......

Good luck


From: DWINKWORTH@xxxxxxxxx
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To: Herbert Maosa <asawilunda@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: Re: Why Can't I pass the first time
Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2007 12:02:37 -0400


I passed my first time.

People were telling me not to EXPECT to pass the first time.  I didn't
expect to pass.  I still tried like hell though.

All the way up to last minute, when myself and 4 or 5 other candidates
were sitting and waiting in the lab building at RTP, people were telling
me.. "You're not going to pass... so just take the test and walk out of
here with a better understanding of what it feels like..."

I sat down in front of the PC in the lab, opened the lab book, and just
went at it.   That is all you have to do.  Try to relax at lunch, eat
something.  Don't think about the lab, then go back to it with a clear

At least that is what worked for me.  There were other guys at lunch
pacing the floor, unable to eat...  one dude was literally pouring
sweat.  I felt bad for him.  Don't let it get to you like that.  If you
have been doing practice labs and making good progress, then you should
be OK.

Don't think about the results.  If takes you two or three times, then
screw it... thats normal anyway!  Hell I'm prepping now for the SP
track, and I have no expectation of passing the written or the lab on
the first try.  I hope I do, of course, but if I set myself up with
those kinds of expectations, then it will only make it more difficult to
recover from a failure.

Derick Winkworth, CCIE #15672

----- Original Message ----- From: Herbert Maosa <asawilunda@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Date: Wednesday, August 8, 2007 10:34 am Subject: Why Can't I pass the first time To: ccielab@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

> I have my lab scheduled for August 23, that is, in the next 15
> days. I
> almost feel defeated already, even though I can not identify many
> technicalshortfalls with my knowledge and experience. I feel
> defeated because I have
> been made to believe NOT to expect to pass on the first attempt.
> Indeed  I
> know many personal friends who I considered technical gurus, but
> had to do
> the exam at least twice.
> Now my question is this : Is it realistic to expect to pass on the
> firstattempt ? Or should I really walk in with my white towel
> already in the air
> ?
> regardless, 23 August it is, San Jose.
> Herbert.
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