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O/T CCIE #18559 I PASSED!! posted 08/07/2007
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I still cant believe it, im sitting in my hotel room at RTP right now. My
off and on journey to CCIE is done ( for now? ) on my second attempt. I have
waited a long time to write this email !

The proctors here at RTP were both very helpful of the few questions i asked
during the exam to clear things up. Looks like I will have to take the next
one here to sign the wall

A very special thanks to both Brians at Internetwork Expert. Your workbook
and COD + mock labs really took me out of my comfort zones. Its exactly what
I needed to force me to study my weak points. I used these products
extensively for close to 10x solid months. I lost track of how many hours of
either reading and or labbing i did. It was probably somewhere in the 1200+
hours. I look forward to using your products for the next one.

I also like to thank everyone at groupstudy for taking the time to post and
answer questions. I used this as a resource more and more to find the
answers to just about all my questions. Trusty gmail came in very handy
searching the archives of groupstudy and my several thousand emails. Reading
the DOCCD is a must. I wish I would have done this one sooner.

Heh I also need to thank myself for putting in the long hours and dedication
this beast took. I consider this a happy slightly belated 25th bday gift to
myself !!

Sorry for the long email =)

-Derek Pocoroba
CCIE #18559