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Re: IEWB-rs-Lab9 - OSPF area 0 not present & Network Migration posted 08/02/2007
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You dont need OSPF area 0 in a single area implementation, even though it is
good practice. If you only have one area, it could any area ID of your
choice. Area 0 is only necessary for Inter-Area communication.


On 8/2/07, ISolveSystems <support@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello Experts,
> 3.1 OSPF - The is no mention of area 0 at all. I thought area 0 is always
> required. Have any one run into any issue with it?
> 3.10 Network Migration - At this point, there is no redistribution, yet.
> How
> does R3 in the RIP network know how to get to in the OSPF
> network? This is being shown in the Task 3.10 verification of the solution
> guide.
> Thanks.
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