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Re: ccie lab RS - Facts posted 08/01/2007
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I met some typos in diagrams with wrong IP addresses/interface names,
but it would be usually cleared out first 30 minutes as I read the tasks...

HTH anyhow

on 8/1/2007 11:11 AM tom nohwa wrote:
> Hi all,
> The intention of this mail is to explain certain facts about the ccie lab
> which is organized by cisco
> I attempted the rs lab a few weeks ago and had a wrong question (I found one
> only, but I don't know how many others).  After spending 2 hours, I
> approached the Proctor for clarifications.  He also confirmed that the
> question was wrong and corrected the mistake.
> I filed a case through cisco support service mentioning the following and
> demanded for free lab.
> - the lab confirmation email or ccie lab web site  do not contain any
> guidelines that  wrong question will be introduced in the question paper
> and  the candidate should  correct  it.
> -  as a candidate for any exam, one expect that the questions in the
> question paper are correct
> questions.
> It is now almost more than 3 weeks and I have not received any decision from
> cisco.
> I am still waiting for their answer.
> They introduce the wrong questions and expect the working configuration.
> THIS IS only POSSIBLE for  the GUY who developed the questions.
> I am not sure how many of you had the same problem.
> Please let me know your comments.
> - Tom
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