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Configuring CAR - IEVer3 Task 9.2 posted 07/26/2007
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Hi All
apologies for asking this here if it has already been answered elsewhere ( i
didnt find it if it has .)

I am struggling with CAR. Question reads like this... Configure CAR on an
interface to not exceed 500kbps outbound..

cool i think to myself !!

The command syntax is :
rate-limit input|output access-group <name> <sustained-rate in bps> <normal
burst  BYTES> <excess burst BYTES> conform-action transmit exceed-action

OK this is applied to an ethernet interface on a 3640 and has nothing to do
with time-intervals <true/false ???>

the answer in the workbook is

int e 1/0
rate-limit out put access-group 191  496000 4000 4000 conform-action
transmit exceed-action drop

Question 1  How does the 496000 get derived
Question 2 what and where does 4000 bytes normal burst get derived.. what
are the considering factors here ??
Question 3 what difference does the excess burst have if the exceed-action
is "drop" ..... i

If anyone could point me in the right direction.. i would me grateful...
I have already read the QOS guide and the configuration guide and they dont
seem to be helping me with this concept !

I dont get how 496000 bits per second + 4000 bytes per second = 500000 bits
per second

Brisbane Oztralia