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Re: Thank you from CCIE 18450! posted 07/17/2007
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Congrats dude !!
Colin McNamara
CCIE #18233
"The difficult we do immediately, the impossible just takes a little longer"

On Tue, 2007-07-17 at 07:16 -0400, Mike Kraus (mikraus) wrote:
> Yesterday @ RTP, I passed my R&S on my fourth attempt!  :)
> Resources used:  Attended IPExpert 5 day R&S boot camp, IPExpert
> Workbook/Proctor Guide, and GroupStudy
> People to thank:
>    Scott Morris for not only teaching me technology, but not to over
> think things (although the proctors still told me I was over-thinking
> things twice!).   Antonio Soares for being a good study partner the last
> few weeks and showing me how important it is to know how to troubleshoot
> things!  And, of course, all the rest of you whom have answered my
> questions!
> Some strategies used:
>     - Read one section at a time.  I did not read the whole exam.  (I
> did this in previous attempts, and caused me to lose focus on the task
> at hand).
>     - Did not redraw diagrams (same as above).
>     - Did not use colored pencils, since didn't redraw diagrams (they
> did already have some there at RTP for use though).
>     - Performed verification of every task at the time I configured it
> (instead of going back at the end to review each question).  This slowed
> my pace down, which I believe increased my accuracy.  Only had ~40
> minutes left when I completed the last task.
> I am not recommending that others use my strategy, but rather do what
> works for you.  Once you know the technologies inside and out, you
> really can just go into the exam and be yourself.
> Thanks,
>   Mike
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