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RE: Download IOS from running VPN concentrator posted 07/16/2007
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Hello Arali,

I don't think you need to worry about backing up the bin file that
drives the Concentrator. You could easily download that same software
bin file from Cisco Download Website. I think want you'll want to backup
will be the config and config.bak files from Administration | File
Management section, just in case.

If you take a closer look at Administration | Software Update |
Concentrator, there is no option to "Download" from the Concentrator,
you only have option to Upload to it. Just like a normal Cisco Router's
IOS, we don't take the backup the IOS whenever we want to do upgrade, we
simply take note of the ios version in case something messes up, then we
can always download and reinstall, but what we worry about is the config
file (running-config) just in case things went wrong.

Many Thanks
Yemi Salau

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Hello,Please let me know how to download the running IOS from VPN
concentrator to my PC.We are planning to upgrade 4.7.2 ios prior to that
want to take a backup, recomend your suggesstion.Thanks for this group

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