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RE: static multicast routes in sparse mode posted 07/14/2007
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That's a very good question. I've seen both type of solutions for the same
type of questions. Here i would check with the proctor. 

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Subject: static multicast routes in sparse mode

I can think of two situations for static mroutes.

1. You have a tunnel, and need your multicast traffic to use it 2. The IGP
routes do not follow the same path as your multicast topology.

For dense mode, all mutlicast traffic is from source to receivers. the
static mroute is therefore pretty straightforward

ip mroute source-net mask tu1

For sparse mode, you need a static mroute for both the source, and RP. I
typically use the following to cover traffic to both source and RP:

ip mroute tu1

In the lab, do they expect more precise mroutes (example below)?

ip mroute source-net mask tu1
ip mroute RP-net mask tu1

Would appreciate your comments


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