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Re: do not send Eigrp Hello on interfaces posted 07/11/2007
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Thanks for all responses.
I think the optin with net x.x.x.x is the right one. I do not think that ACL is the soltion.

Also this problem rise another one.
What is the best way to announce net in a protocol?
Just to put the interface in the protocol with same command (where the protocol permit) or to announce the entire network?
What do you think about the grading in the real exam? I will get the points if i announce the /32 net. (of course if the task does not restrict me in any way, just says put this net/interface in the protocol domain)


Dan C wrote:
Hi George,

If you need to add any other interfaces into eigrp you will need just to use for them again eg:

router ei 100

this way no hellos will be sent out but on those 2 interfaces.... You can
verify using debug eigrp packets hello

On 7/10/07, George Roman <georgeroman@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
You are right about that. if you put the wildcard mask of only
interface will participate in eigrp process, but if you want some other
networks (on other interfaces) to get advertised into eigrp, i think the
only solution is to put those interfaces in eigrp and use ACLs so you will
not send hellos on them (ACLs because as Cristian said, the
passive-interface command is forbidden).


On 7/10/07, Mark Mckillop (mmckillo) <mmckillo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I think the point is to use the in the network statement to
specify just the precise interfaces that you want enabled in the EIGRP

i.e. network -> Just the interface with that specific


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I think one of the options that you have to filter eigrp is extended acl
(specify the protocol eigrp)


On 7/10/07, Cristian Ionescu <cristian.ionescu@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have a task where it says to not send eigrp hello on interfaces that
are not part of the eigrp domain but not to use passive-interface.
It is ok to use neighbor?
I have 4 routers on domain. I need to put in one router all 3 other

If i put under the router eigrp x menu, network y.y.y.y will
have the same result?


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