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RE: ip igmp limit number [except access-list] posted 07/10/2007
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The groups under the ACL will not count. Here's an example:

R6#sh runn int f0/0
Building configuration...

Current configuration : 165 bytes
interface FastEthernet0/0
 ip address
 ip pim sparse-dense-mode
 ip igmp limit 10 except DO_NOT_COUNT_THESE
 duplex auto
 speed auto

R6#sh ip access
Standard IP access list DO_NOT_COUNT_THESE
    20 permit (56 matches)
    10 permit (74 matches)
    30 permit (56 matches)
R6#sh ip igmp membership 
Flags: A  - aggregate, T - tracked
       L  - Local, S - static, V - virtual, R - Reported through v3 
       I - v3lite, U - Urd, M - SSM (S,G) channel 
       1,2,3 - The version of IGMP the group is in
       / - Filtering entry (Exclude mode (S,G), Include mode (*,G))
       <mac-or-ip-address> - last reporter if group is not explicitly
       <n>/<m>      - <n> reporter in include mode, <m> reporter in exclude

 Channel/Group                  Reporter        Uptime   Exp.  Flags
 *,                00:01:05 02:25 2A     Fa0/0
 *,                00:01:06 02:27 2A     Fa0/0
 *,                00:01:04 02:25 2A     Fa0/0
 *,                00:01:06 02:27 2A     Fa0/0
 *,                00:01:00 02:31 2A     Fa0/0
 *,                00:01:00 02:28 2A     Fa0/0
 *,                00:01:03 02:24 2A     Fa0/0
 *,                00:01:09 02:29 2A     Fa0/0
 *,                00:01:08 02:23 2A     Fa0/0
 *,                00:01:07 02:21 2A     Fa0/0
 *,                00:01:03 02:28 2A     Fa0/0
 *,                00:01:00 02:21 2A     Fa0/0
 *,                00:01:08 02:24 2A     Fa0/0
 *,               00:29:58 02:20 2LA    Fa0/0
R6#sh ip igmp int        
FastEthernet0/0 is up, line protocol is up
  Internet address is
  IGMP is enabled on interface
  Current IGMP host version is 2
  Current IGMP router version is 2
  IGMP query interval is 60 seconds
  IGMP querier timeout is 120 seconds
  IGMP max query response time is 10 seconds
  Last member query count is 2
  Last member query response interval is 1000 ms
  Inbound IGMP access group is not set
  IGMP activity: 69 joins, 55 leaves
  Interface IGMP State Limit : 10 active out of 10 max
  Multicast routing is enabled on interface
  Multicast TTL threshold is 0
  Multicast designated router (DR) is (this system)
  IGMP querying router is  
  Multicast groups joined by this system (number of users):

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Subject: ip igmp limit number [except access-list]


I am trying to understand the logic of the access-list along with the *ip
igmp limit* *number*  command.
i.e  *ip igmp limit* *number* [*except **access-list*]

I am not able to understand the except  logic as to  whether the groups
permitted by the access-list are not counted towards the total or is it

If someone can  clarify this to me please.


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